Safe boating tips in Friesland

Sloop boating

Boating in Friesland? You will experience that the Maxima sloops reliable, quiet and safe boats. You can quickly get along with it because of the manoeuvrability. Due to its size, hull shape and weight, the sloop is very stable. Sailing tips safe boating in Friesland.

Good to know

  • Take into account the blowing of the boat with a lot of wind. 
  • Avoid large lakes in high winds if possible. 
  • The IJsselmeer is a prohibited sailing area.
  • You keep the right side of the waterway while sailing.
  • In the case of natural (reed) banks and stone-poured banks, do not sail too close to the side in
    connection with too shallow water and damage to screw ed. 
  • Sail quietly in narrow water so that you do not cause damage to the shore and/or ships that lie here.

Sailing rules

Just like on the road, traffic rules also apply on the water. The main rules for sloops are:

  • Don't suddenly change course
  • Right (starboard) precedes
  • Make sure you have good visibility all around, regularly look back
  • Do not anchor at bridges, locks and in the middle of a waterway
  • Swimming in the fairway is prohibited, as are bridges, locks and waiting areas
  • Sail (as a driver) alcohol-free. The legal limit on the water is 0.5 promille. That's what's being checked for, the fines are high!

Some priority rules:

  • Never take precedence when you are sailing a boat. Give priority, especially when it is uncertain or unclear to you who has priority
  • Remember that Sailboats have priority under sail on open water and are less likely to deviate from course
  • Small vessels (less than 20 metres) must give priority to large vessels, professional vessels such as passenger ships, ferries and tugboats.
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