Sloe routes Friesland

In Friesland there are beautiful routes to sail. The routes below can be followed on Google Maps while sailing, very handy! But you also get a route booklet and a watermap so you can adjust your route if you want to or if you want to plan a route yourself.

If you are looking for a sloop route with overnight stays, have a look at this page. Choose one of the beautiful sloe routes Friesland.

Our beautiful Maxima sloops

Have you found a nice route, choose and book your sloop and come enjoy in Friesland from Heeg. Sloepverhuur Friesland | Enjoy the water.

Sail the most beautiful sloop routes in Friesland without a boating license

For sailing with our sloopsbut also for our Tiny Houseboats and Sailboats A sailing license is not required. If you want to know what the most important sailing rules are take a look at the site of the Hiswa. Or view our sailing tips! Sloe routes Friesland.