Coronavirus (Covid-19) and boat rental in Friesland

The Corona virus (Covid-19) will not have disappeared by 2021. We adhere to government guidelines and follow industry advice. What about boat rental in Friesland?

Your boating holiday or day out can continue as usual in 2021. On the water you can easily avoid the crowds and keep 1.5 m distance! And you won't need your mouth mask on board. Many terraces in Friesland were given more space in 2020, so that they have the normal capacity. This will probably also be the case in the summer of 2021. The sanitation facilities have also reopened everywhere by now. So boating in Friesland is perfectly possible within the prevailing regulations. Are you going to come and enjoy yourself in 2021?

We do ask you to take the following into account:

- On the harbour you stay at 1,5 m distance from us and any other guests.

- Also when explaining the boat we use the 1.5 meters distance, at our open boats We will give you and your party an explanation from the boat while you are standing on the shore at 1.5 meters distance. Explanation of a cabin yacht or Tiny Houseboat takes place on board, at a distance of at least 1.5 metres

- If you stay in Heeg or surroundings we can deliver and pick up your boat for free.

For general information and questions we refer you to the RIVM, the safety region Fryslân and the municipality Súdwest Fryslân and to Waterland of Friesland.

Do you want to celebrate your holidays 2021 in a Tiny Houseboat or Sailing yacht then don't wait too long with books

Even in the current lockdown from December 14, 2020, it is possible to go on vacation with your family Corona proof in our Tiny Houseboat.