More nice places in Friesland

Nice places in Friesland? Too many to mention! With almost as much water as land, the best way to get to know the province is from the water. For a day, or make a long weekend or week out of it. We have collected a few places here that are definitely worth a visit when you go sailing in Friesland.

The Lemmer

On the IJsselmeer lies the place Lemmer, one of the most famous water sports places in Friesland. Lemmer is a place that is annually visited by many German tourists.

Lemmer in Friesland

De Lemmer (as the Frisian name implies) is one of the gateways of the province, both by land and by water. Lemmer has a vibrant center where you can sail all the way through. So you can moor your boat and stroll along the quay or go shopping. You can also relax on the beach, or visit the Woudagemaal, the largest steam pumping station in Europe which is still in operation.


Near Lemmer is Sleat (Locks), one of the cities of the Frisian Elfstedentocht. The mini town has only 760 inhabitants and an authentic town centre where the atmosphere of the past has been well preserved. In the city are several monuments, including beautiful antique houses from the 17th century. At the corn mill 'De Kaai' there is an old cannon that is fired every Friday evening in July and August. Sloten also still has a town crier. Town criers brought news to the inhabitants of a town when there were no newspapers or internet. In short, a town where it seems as if time stands still.
Sloten has an excellent marina and enough possibilities to moor in the centre.


Snits (Sneek) is a real water sports town, situated in the lake district of Friesland. Besides water sports Sneek There is also culture and conviviality to offer. There is also a wide range of culinary options. The historic city centre with its monumental buildings and canals means there is something to see everywhere. The oldest part of the city is around the Martinikerk. The city is filled with museums, a shopping centre and many terraces, cafes and restaurants. The most famous building is the Waterpoort, in former times the symbol of the wealth of the city.

Waterpoort Sneek

Sneek is also known for the great sailing event Sneekweek. During the day there is fanatic sailing on the Sneekermeer, and in the evening there is partying on the starting island and in the town. The Sneekweek starts annually on the first Saturday of August.

Nice places in Friesland: Heech

The center of water sports in SudWest Fryslan is the cozy Heech (Heeg). You will find everything you need as a sailor. Beautiful marinas with good facilities, a watersports shop with an extensive range and several boat rental companies.
There are also several shipyards in Heeg, including the Waijer shipyard and the Piersma shipyard.

sailing in Heeg
But the best part is that you are on the lake within five minutes by boat and after a day on the water you can enjoy a drink and a meal on one of the nice terraces on the water. Highly recommended!

The Alde Feanen

In the heart of Friesland, between Leeuwarden and Drachten, lies the De Alde Feanen national park. The approximately 2,300 ha large low moorland swamp has a varied composition of lakes, swamp forests and thickets. The area is rich in animals, including 110 species of bird, and some 470 species of plant. A large part of the park is freely navigable and there are mooring places where you can moor and stay overnight. One of the nicest places in Friesland.

Alde Feanen

With a sailing boat you can go on the larger waters. The smaller canals are not very easy to navigate with a sailing boat because of the vegetation along the banks and the limited depth. However, you can change to a canoe, rowing boat or sloop to discover the small waters and areas specially designed for these types of boats.


Originally a village of farmers, fishermen and skippers, Grou has become an internationally renowned water sports centre. The village has a pleasant centre with many shops, cafés and restaurants. The old part of the centre still has many characteristics of the old town. On the Pikmeer and the Wijde Ee you can enjoy sailing or anchoring with your sloop.

Do you also come sailing in Friesland?

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