The Aira 22, successor to the Polyvalk?

Tips & tricks for sailing an Aira 22



The Aira 22 is a wonderful boat to sail in Friesland. Do you want something else than a Polyvalk or Randmeer then the Aira 22 is a must! Why? Because it is a modern, comfortable, spacious and, last but not least, fast boat. The Aira 22 is ideally suited to sailing together. With friends, family, parents and children, from two to six persons it fits all. For clubs and sailing schools, the boat is a godsend because of its combination of comfortable seating and sporty sailing.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at this boat, which we will rent out from Heeg fromthe 2nd half of April 2020, but which can already be booked.

Some facts

The boat was developed by Airaboats, the company of Jos Snijders Blok. A well-known name in the Frisian sailing world. As the owner of the Vinea sailing school in Sneek, among other things, he knows exactly what a successor to the Polyvalk should look like. Because that is what his vision is: building a boat according to the new techniques and insights that will eventually replace the falcon (a boat that is, after all, already over 75 years old) on the Frisian waters.

The specifications are as follows:

Length 6.50 m

Width 2.20 m

Shallow keel 0.90 m

Weight 700 kg

Ballast weight 250 kg

Mainsail 14 m2Jib 8 m2

Gennaker25 m2

Vertical clearance 8.60 m

CE category D - 6 pers

Design Simonis - Voogd

Especially for rental purposes, we have equipped our Aira 22s with a furler for the gennaker, which is carried on the retractable bowsprit. This makes the boat easy to handle even with gennaker. More about this later in the blog.

Furthermore, we have chosen a traditional Yamaha outboard motor for a large radius of action.

How does it sail?

First, a video from a sailing test by the magazine Zeilen to get an impression.

The benches are, of course, striking. Whereas in a Falcon you sit on the bottom of the boat and only the helmsman or woman has a bench, in the Aira 22 everyone sits comfortably on the cockpit bench with cushions.

Because of the modern lines and long waterline, the sailing characteristics are optimal. The boat sails high up in the wind thanks to the inward-lined, not too large jib. The stern is wide for good broad-wind sailing characteristics. The keel is specially designed and has a lead bulb and profiled shaft. The rudder blade is also profiled.

Sailing with a gennaker

Unlike a polyvalk, the Aira 22 has a gennaker for the wider courses. Important point: when the gennaker is up, you can't tack but you have to jibe.

But the furler gives you an alternative! Before tacking you roll in the gennaker and after the manoeuvre you roll it out again. Ideal, right?

European success

The boat is a huge success in Europe (several hundred boats have already been sold) and we believe that in the coming years it will also conquer the Frisian lakes. We expect our fleet of Aira 22s to grow in the coming years. So if you would like to try the Aira 22, come to Heeg for a demo. boat hire in Friesland! Also for the rental of a sloop, sailing yacht or Tiny Houseboat.