Tiny Houseboat in Friesland

The first Tiny Houseboat in Friesland to be rented out from Heeg

Since 1 August this year, you can find it everywhere in Friesland: the Tiny Houseboat from Bootverhuur Friesland | Genieten op het water from Heeg. A Tiny House on the water. How nice is that?

Guests from Genieten op het water have already moored their boats in the centre of Sneek and on the race track for the Skûtsjesilen. But also to Marrekrite mooring buoys and berths throughout Friesland and to the islands in the various lakes and lovely villages in Friesland.

It is wonderful to discover the Frisian lakes, canals and waterways in this way. Enjoy the cosiness of water sports, the nice terraces and eateries in Friesland.

Super nice to stay in such a small house with four full-fledged fixed beds, shower, central heating and a luxurious kitchen.

To get an impression how our guests experienced this read their reviews.

Jelle, the owner and host at Enjoying the water is also enthusiastic. "The Tiny Houseboat is a great addition to our fleet of sailboats, sailing yachts and Maxima sloops."

By the way, Genieten also has a novelty in 2020. It is the first boat rental company in Friesland that offers the comfortable Aira 22 Open sailboat for hire from Heeg. This boat is seen as the successor of the polyvalk.

For more information take a look at the website or visit us in Heeg!